Monday, May 4, 2009

Model as Muse @ The Met

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs
LOVE the back!  Drapey back!!!
Photo credit: JustJared

First Paris and now NYC... Anyone want to pack me up in their carry-on and trot around the globe to peruse fashion exhibits?! Takers???

Tonight was the MET's Annual Costume Institute Gala.  This year the exhibit is entitled "Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion" and focuses on how social changes have defined our culture's view of feminine beauty which have been personified by the figures and faces of iconic models.  "Model to Muse" specifically captures the progression of these changes over a span of five decades from 1947-1997.  Magazine covers, various photographs and garments made famous by the models who strutted down the catwalk will be on display to characterize these diverse time periods and the constant evolution of beauty.  The exhibit opened today and runs till August 9, 2009.

Ashley Olsen in her own line, The Row
Again, drapey back (I'm a fan if you haven't noticed)!!!
Love that black, embellished chain going down her back... 
Photo credit: NewsDay

With over 13 pages of photos on WireImage, you know the event huge.  And who wasn't there?!  Let's try to put things into perspective with a little bullet-point list (though this does not do justice!):
  • The Planners:  Co-chairs Anna Wintour, Justin Timberlake and Kate Moss arrived with daughter Bee Schaffer, paramour, Jessica Biel and primary sponsor Marc Jacobs, respectively
  • The Models: Tyra Banks, Bar Refaeli, Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford, Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Brooke Shields
  • The Fashion Doyennes:  Stella McCartney, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Donatella Versace, Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg... And then there was John Galliano ;) 
  • The Musicians: Rihanna, Madonna, Kanye West, Bono, Ciara
  • The Actresses: Renee Zellweger, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Marisa Tomei
  • The Starlettes:  Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Emma Roberts,  Katy Perry
  • The Trump Card:  Donald and Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Ivanna Trump
  • The Power Couples:  Tony & Eva Longoria Parker, Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen
  • The Attack of the Kates - Kate Beckinsale, Kate Bosworth and Kate Beckinsale 
Some of the fashion highlights/lows:

Our girl! Always the fashionista...Rachel Bilson in Bally
Photo credit: Just Jared

Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs... What's up with her hair?
Photo credit: NewsDay

Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa...Can't decide if I love/hate the train
Photo credit: FabSugar

Rihanna in a Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo jacket and capris... Mixed feelings?
Photo credit: NewsDay

Madonna in Louis Vuitton... Uhh... What was she thinking?!
Photo credit: NewsDay

Again, I love Kate Hudson in her gold Stella McCartney gown
Photo Credit: FabSugar

Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein... Classy and sophisticated
Photo credit: FabSugar

Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney... So 50's chic in the red lipstick and black lace
(Bruce Willis likes it, I guess)
Photo credit: FabSugar


  1. I was disappointed by bilson's and kate hudson's outfit, i feel like i've seen them in those dresses 10,000 times, respectively (ie bilson in a formfitting strapless short dress and kate in a glittery gold + long hair) . i also didn't like how stringy bilson's hair got from too much straightening. I <3'd diane kruger, january jones, giselle, mariane couillard's dresses...kate moss' and ashley's outfits were fab too. blake lively looked hot, but in a huge sloot/trashy kind of way. i actually liked (no, LOVED) anne hatheway's look--hair and all! The zipper in the front of her marc jacob's dress...amazing! all in all, i was surprised at how many short, somewhat casual dresses/outfits there were (umm Erin Wasson??! Pants?! seriously?) for the biggest fashion event of the year. anyway excellent coverage, alans!

  2. also, i liked the red dresses: lou dillion (nina ricci), amber rose (in herrera), emma roberts (in versace), and surprisingly jessica biel (in versace as well). my fav is by far lou dillion's dress; oliver theyskens is a genius in my opinion despite his shadiness with the whole sjp/sex&thecity premiere fiasco. emma roberts is an up and coming fashionista...her dress was adorable and age if she could just choose her movies as wisely as her outfits...i think i just liked biel bc of her arm candy, JT.

  3. ok last comment of the day, but i take back what i said about jessica biel's dress. i looked at it again just now and saw that i was indeed distracted by justin...her dress is kind of fugles with the train and all.