Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paris Fashion Week: Valentino RTW Spring 2010

This marks the end of tonight's bloggsomniac. What started as casual multi-tasking (looking at a few fashion week photos and studying Japanese) ended with me impetuously clicking the mouse with my eyes glued to the screen like a fashion neophyte (books forgotten and thrown to the side). It's time to go to bed. It's my favorite collection so far... Valentino. What a romantic, fairy tale where the models were muses and nymphs. I love ruffles and bows. Ultra-feminine and pulchritudinous. Sweet dreams...

I <3>


Ruffles! (I'm such a girl)



Fairytale princess

Photo credit: WWD


  1. so THIS is why you were up 8pm east coast time (2am your time)...valentino was def beautiful...did you see stella's line?

  2. omg i just saw this comment! so i don't think i made it to stella... btw i think i'm gonna start a blog about tokyo soon:)