Friday, June 12, 2009

Camilla and Marc Dress


Okay I'm in love. Like seriously... I WANT THIS CAMILLA AND MARC DRESS! And I can't find it!!! ....ANYWHERE! I am considering calling every single Planet Blue in California to inquire if by some miracle they have it in stock for me... Please oh, pretty please, please, please.

In 2003, Marc Freeman, an engineer, and his sister, Camilla, a starlette graduate from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, collaborated to create a line of clothing and bathing suits... And thus, the brand Camilla and Marc was born. Their debut at Australia's Spring/Summer Fashion Week was received with enormous praise. Since then, their pieces have garnered attention from various celebrities including Ginnifer Goodwin, Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst.

Ultra-feminine, flirty and just plain fun, the inspiration for their clothes were to design for a woman who "Knows what she wants, knows how to put an outfit together, doesn’t need to be styled. Strong sense of self but never over confident.” - Camilla Freeman

Photo credits: PlanetBlue

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