Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Custo Barcelona Dress

My friend Lissa invited me and eight others to the Contempo Gala on April 18th. The annual gala is the biggest fundraiser for The Contemporary Museum. Lissa's mother is on the Board of Directors so we went last year and it was a rollicking good time! The event is usually held at Neiman Marcus but this year it will be in the SuperFerry terminal. I was highly anticipating the sunset cruise but sadly we will not set foot on the boat because the Hawaii Court has forced the SuperFerry to cease operations. BOO... Regardless, it will still be tons of fun! I can't wait to dress up and see everyone dressed to the nines.

This brings me to my mini debacle. I posted a picture of the ABS dress I bought in Los Angeles a couple months ago. I was thinking about wearing that to the gala but now I'm torn because I forgot about this Custo Barcelona dress I have yet to wear! The two dresses are completely different looks. The Custo dress is a little more casual but artsy with it's abstract pattern (it is an art gala after all). It's also form fitting against my body so that makes it pretty sexy. The ABS dress is more formal and girly with the off-kilter bow. It's a classier look. So it comes down to Classy v. Sexy. What to do?! T minus 11 days to decide!

Photo credit: fifiluxe

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