Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forever 21 Debuts in Harajuku!

Photo credit: Tokyo Fashion

With the recession hitting Japan's economy quite hard, one would assume that retail giants would curb their expansion throughout the country. Wrong! I recently wrote about Chanel opening a specialty cosmetic boutique in Omotesando about a week ago. Today, it's the affordable chic clothing chain, Forever 21, opening their very first store in Tokyo. Technically, since Japan is 19 hours a head, the grand opening of the store was yesterday. Thousands of shoppers anxiously waited in front of the 19,000 square foot store which inhabits the old New Balance building space on Meiji Dori, one of the main streets in Harajuku.

Look at that line!!!
Shop girls pass out goodie-bags... Japan is so eco-friendly...
Why don't they give away those cute cloth bags in the U.S?!
Photo credits: Tokyo Fashion

Usually when most American or European retailers open in Japan, the prices are always higher, if not double the original retail price. However, I browsed through the Forever 21 Japanese website, and the prices are actually very comparable. Most of the items are the same in terms of clothing and accessory selection but I did find a couple pieces listed only on the Japanese website below:

Military Vest (Approx. US $24.00)
Photo credit: Forever21 Japan

Layered Satin Skirt Black and Gray (Approx. US $36.00)
Photo credit: Forever 21 Japan

Set of three flower hair barrettes (Approx. US $3.80)
Photo credit: Forever 21 Japan
UPDATE: These weren't on the American website but a friend said she saw these in LA so apparently the barrettes are not Japan exclusive...

So cute! I may just have to contact friends in Tokyo/friends going to Tokyo to purchase a few things for me... :)


  1. i <3 forever 21, forever. i have to thank shy for intro'ing me to that store. i'm glad you put more pictures!

  2. love it. Yeah my friend said it's huge! I will try to stop by...and look for those clips for you, I swear I almost bought them so now it's a sign!

  3. when does this store open?